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How to save your Internet on your Smartphone

Smartphones can use your internet data without you even realising it which can be expensive if you go over your monthly data limit. Here are some top ways to reduce your data usage.

  1. Keep track of your data usage – either download your Internet service provider’s app or monitor your account on their website.

  2. Manually Close your apps so they are not running in the background.

  3. iPhone – Tap the home button twice, all apps will appear on the screen, to close an app, tap the app and swipe it up. The home screen will be the last one remaining, tap this to go back to the home screen.

  4. Android – Tap the square button to show all open apps, tap the X to close each app.

  5. Manually close your tabs in your Internet browser – open your Internet browser (ie. Safari, Internet, Chrome, etc), under the search and address bar at the top you will see the tabs that are open, tap the x in each tab to close each tab.

  6. Turn off Push Notifications-

  7. iPhone - Tap Settings, tap Notifications, tap the app you would like to turn off, then tap Notifications off.

  8. Android – Tap Settings, tap Apps in the device section, open each app and uncheck the box Show Notifications.

  9. Turn off video autoplay in apps such as Facebook and Instagram so that videos do not play automatically.

  10. Change your WiFi settings so that certain services can only run over Wifi not your phone’s Internet-

  11. iPhone– Tap Settings, tap Mobile, scroll down to Use Mobile Data For, choose off for those apps that you do not want to use your phone’s Internet.

  12. Android – Tap Settings, tap Data Usage in the wireless and networks section, open each app and check the box Restrict app background data.

If you need help with this or would like to book a consultant please email or call 03 9596 4547.

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