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Improving lifestyles and processes through technology support
Stay In Touch was founded in 2009 and launched on the 1st April 2010, no joke!  We assist small business owners and home users with technical support, cyber security, digital transformation, device and internet device, cloud and email hosting, synchronising and consolidating data, collaboration, parental controls and training.  
Not just techies, not just trainers, Stay In Touch provide a holistic approach to your business or home incorporating strategy, security, risk management and training to ensure all areas are covered, your technology improves your processes and lifestyle, contingency plans are in place if something goes wrong, and you are trained on how to manage your setup and devices in terms you understand.
We will enter your business and/or home (physically or remotely), review your entire set up, formulate a plan to clean up and consolidate your files and plans, synchronise your devices, reduce your technology-cloud-phone and internet bills, ensure reliable backups, promote sharing and collaboration within your business and/or family and train you.
Yes we are techies that will help with troubleshooting and quick fixes, yes we are trainers who are experts in adult learning and can teach you in terms you understand; but we are also passionate about looking at your entire setup to ensure you are getting the most out of your technology, you feel confident and you enjoy the experience.
Word has spread and we have now assisted more than 10,000 clients since 2010.
We are currently on the lookout for Digital and Technology Support Consultants - go to



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Raise your hands if you have ever been frustrated with your technology.  Chances are both hands are up!  With the fast changes in technology many have experienced bewilderment or frustration when trying to navigate or monitor new applications or devices for themselves, family, or business.


I founded Stay in Touch with the objective of demystifying the world of technology with a personalised, caring and nurturing approach; helping you with technology in your own home or office.  Key to this is our ability to support you to learn in your own environment and on your own devices.  Our business has grown by word of mouth and we now help people of all age groups and stages.


Our staff are skilled in technical support, training and troubleshooting - so the next time you need assistance, please give us a call.


Joanne Lambie


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