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Scam Apple emails

DO NOT click on links asking you to verify your account.

Recently one of our clients received an email stating that someone had signed into her Apple account and if it wasn’t her to validate the account. The email directed her to a link where she was required to login with her username, password and verify her personal information.

Unfortunately she did and has since had her Apple account compromised. Attempts have been made to purchase goods using her bank account linked to her Apple Account.

These emails look very legitimate except that the sender's email address do not look like an address from Apple. An example of this is below - the sender's email is in fact

These emails look convincing. If you have any doubts contact the company concerned by phone and verify the requirement or go to the website yourself as you know it and validate your account there. Please do not click on the link.

If you need assistance contact us on 03 9596 4547 and we will help you to ensure that the account and computer is secure.

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