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Beware of fake Qantas and Citibank emails

There have been warnings of fake emails claiming to be from Citibank and Qantas. These emails look identical to a real Citibank and Qantas email. Fake Qantas emails have in the subject line 'Customer Satisfaction Survey', 'Earn up to $$AUD plus bonus Qantas Points'. They ask you to click on a link to complete a survey - this is a fake survey form. What they are doing is stealing emailing and password details, contact information and bank account details. Fake Citibank emails state that your account has been 'temporarily limited' due to invalid login attempts. It then directs you to a link to restore your account access. This opens a fake Citibank were you enter, and they will capture, your username, password, date of birth and phone number.

If you receive this scam email, delete it immediately. If you need assistance or help with this please call our office on 03 9596 4547.

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