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Medical ID in case of emergency

To make information about yourself available to others including details of people to contact in case of an emergency, you can complete the Medical ID in the Health App (the icon that looks like a Red Heart).

Even when the phone is locked with a passcode or password, emergency personnel can still access the information you have entered by pressing the word “emergency” at the bottom of the screen where you enter the passcode or password.

To set this up, first enter the information:

  1. Tap on the Health App (Red heart)

  2. At the bottom right of the screen tap on Medical ID

  3. Tap on Create Medical ID

  4. Switch on Show when Locked by sliding the switch to Green

  5. Enter the detail by tapping on the field

  6. Scroll through additional fields as necessary like medical conditions, Allergies and reactions, Emergency contacts etc

  7. When you have entered all relevant information press “Done” at the top of the screen

To see how others can access this information if your phone is locked with a passcode:

  1. Tap the on/off button to put your phone to sleep

  2. Tap it again and slide the screen from left to right to wake it back up

  3. If your phone is locked with a passcode, you will see Emergency in the bottom left corner. Tap on this.

  4. Tap Medical ID in the bottom left corner

  5. Your Medical ID will appear

  6. Tap Done when finished.

For those whose phones are not locked, just tap on the Health App to view the Medical ID you have entered.

We encourage you to do this on your own phone, your children’s and your parents. If you need any help, please call on 03 9596 4547 to book an appointment or remote support.

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