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Two factor authentication security

Many websites have implemented two-factor authentication to increase security.

Two-factor authentication involves two different criteria to authorise your access. Typically these are something only you know (like a password) and something only you have (like your mobile phone).

For example, when logging on to an account with your password, a one-time code may be sent to your mobile phone as a text message. You will then be asked to enter that code as the second factor of authentication into the website you are attempting to access.

Two-factor authentication can be implemented for the following websites, among others:

  • Google’s two factor authentication sends you a text message when you log into a new computer to enable you to sign in.

  • Facebook has a similar feature, which it calls ‘Login Approvals’, and can be found on its security page.

  • Twitter includes the same functionality, which it calls ‘Login verification’. This can be turned on via your security settings page.

  • LinkedIn’s version is called 'Two step verification', and can be found under 'Account' on your LinkedIn security page.

While most major websites have two-factor authentication, not all do. Search through the help settings on your social media profiles to see if they support this added protection.

If you need help with this, please call on 03 9596 4547 to book an appointment or remote support.


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