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Windows 10 - are you ready?

Overall the reviews have been positive. This new and improved version brings the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8 into one.

You may have seen that you can upgrade for free, provided you do so by the 29th July 2016. To do so there are a few steps to follow - reserve a copy, check your system compatibility, install it when it arrives, then set it up and configure it for your system.

If this is a little daunting to you we have created a special package that will allows us to be there with you every step of the way.

For just $99.00 we will:

  • Check your system for compatibility with Windows 10

  • Reserve your Windows 10

  • Download and install Windows 10

  • Configure your system

  • Provide an introduction tour to your new Windows 10.

The service is provided remotely at set times for each step. You will be able to use your computer during this time, except when we start the download and install, but that will not take long and we will have you up and running on the same day.

Additional time and cost may be required if your email or printer drivers are not compatible with the new Windows 10.

To book a consultant for this service please call 03 9596 4547.

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