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Take a Panoramic photo with the iPhone

You can take great panoramic photos on the iPhone. Perfect for those city skylines, mountain top views or group shots that do not fit everyone!

Just follows these instructions:

  1. Tap on the camera app.

  2. Swipe your screen to the left until the word “Pano” is highlighted in yellow just above the camera shutter button (big white button on the screen).

  3. You will see an arrow has appeared on the screen pointing in the direction of a yellow line.

  4. Focus the camera on the far left of the shot you would like to take.

  5. When you are ready to take the photo press the shutter button.

  6. Slowly move the camera across the view you want to take, keeping the white arrow on the line.

  7. When finished press the shutter button again to stop the photo shot.

Tip – as you are taking the photo move slowly from left to right and try to keep the arrow on the yellow line. While the app is clever enough to remove a bit of shake, you need to assist it by keeping the arrow as close to the line as possible.

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