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Do Not Disturb on the IPhone

The do not disturb function on the IPhone allows you to stop all calls, messages, or notifications coming through on your iPhone.

It also has additional features – you can define some exceptions such as calls from people in your favorites list and you can schedule the do not disturb at a regular times like after dinner or bed time.

Here is how to turn it on:

  1. Tap on the Settings app (looks like a grey cog)

  2. Scroll down to the “Do Not Disturb” and tap on it

  3. To turn on the Do not disturb - slide the switch next to Manual so that it shows green

If you want to schedule a Do not disturb time you can do so by:

4. Sliding the switch next to Scheduled

5. You can change the default times by tapping in the To / From area underneath Scheduled

6. Then tap on From and set the time

7. Then tap on To and set the time

8. Tap on the back arrow to apply it

If you want to make some exceptions:

9. Tap on “Allow calls From".

10. You can then choose Everyone, Favorites or no one.

11. Tap on the back arrow

If you want the phone to ring when a second call is received from the same person within three minutes:

12. Then slide the slider to on next to Repeated calls.

Note: To make someone a favorite go to your contacts app. Find the contact and select their name. At the bottom of the screen tap add to favourites. If they have multiple numbers you will need to select each number as a favourite.

Note: When Do Not Disturb is switched on a moon icon will appear on the status bar on the screen.


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