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iPad / iPhone - Ask Siri!

Ever wanted your own personal assistant. Do you know that you actually have one on your iPhone called Siri. Siri is one of those little gems that I think is underutilised. Not only will Siri save you a lot of typing, Siri will also do a myriad of tasks and answer a myriad of questions for you!

​To make Siri available you need to turn him or her on in the settings. Tap on Settings. Tap on General. Tap on Siri and if not already on - slide the Siri button so it is showing green. Note - There are also options like allowing the “Hey Siri” and if you want Siri to have a male voice or female.

Once Siri is turned on, just press and hold the home button, wait for Siri to acknowledge you, then ask your question. Here are some examples:

  • To make a phone call say “Ring name of person” or “Ring a phone number” or “Ring name of person on their mobile”.

  • To send a text message say “Send a message to name of person saying I am going to be late” or what ever you want the message to say.

  • To get Siri to read a message say “read my new message” and if you want Siri to reply say “Reply see you soon” or whatever your message reply is.

  • To get directions to somewhere, say “give me directions to wherever you want to go”, or “where is the nearest place”

  • To send an email say “Email Persons name about what it is you want to say.”

  • Ask for the weather by saying “what is the weather for today”.

  • Ask what Siri can do for you. Just sat “what can you do for me” and you will see a list of Apps that Siri can use and by pressing the arrow on the right a list of example requests are shown.

If you activated “Hey Siri” you can be totally hands free. All you need to say is

“Hey Siri” and ask your question. Unfortunately “Hey Siri” needs your iPhone to be plugged into the power (or car charger) to work as it consumes a bit of battery power for “Hey Siri” to be on permanent standby.

Only problem with Siri is when asked if Siri could do my housework for me the response was “not as such”!

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