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Workforce Training and Upskilling
Are you wanting to upgrade your skills for a new role or returning to the workforce? OR are you a busy professional who feels all those time-saving bits of technology wizardry chew up far too much of your day? Stay In Touch can help you learn, use and master technology to balance a busy professional and personal life. We support beginners to competent users who just need a little extra help.


Support for upskilling


Are you looking at upgrading your skills to help you either in your current job, or apply for a new job, or return to the workforce?


We will help you master the basics of technology.  Our programs are designed to give you the technology skills you need to thrive in today's moderm workplace.


You can book these as private tutoring sessions. Alternatively your employer may book them as group training for you and your team.

Support for busy professionals


Are you so busy with your work that you have not had the time to set up and use technology to get the best out of it and have it work for you? 


We will help you become more efficient by synchronising your devices so that what you see and do on one device will be replicated on your other devices, even when you are not at home!  This can be anything from emails, contacts, calendars and even your notes and documents. 


We will also set up your home network so you can share information across all devices in your own home, help you organise your files and photos and ensure you have everything backed up so that nothing is lost.


We will show you a variety of technology tools, apps and programs that can assist you to be more efficient in your personal and professional life.


For those that need some tutoring, we assist the absolute beginner through to the competent user who wants to know more.  We have a vast range of tutoring sessions from using Word and Excel through to organising your files, listening to Podcasts and setting up and using LinkedIn.


We don't just leave you there.  Our in-home and remote technical support assists you when you have any questions or queries along the way.  This may be anything from a quick question on email through to removing a virus on your computer.

Thank you for your patience with my limited computer skills.....I would have no hesitation in getting in touch with you again and I like the idea that you are available should I require your assistance."

Jayne M, Travancore

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