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Creating and Storing Passwords

Think of your passwords in 3 Tiers

Tier 1:  Online banking and financial accounts - anything that stores or provides access to your banking and financial information.  Your email account passwords - if someone gains access to your email password they have the ability to reset many of your online account passwords.  How does this happen? To reset the password for many online accounts you only need to enter the username, then hit the reset password button, and an email with a reset link will be sent to your email address. If someone had access to your emails, they will receive this reset email and reset your password for the said online account.  You will no longer have that password.

Tier 2:  Social media or online accounts that hold personal information

Tier 3:  Online accounts such as library, golf club and so on that do not hold much of your information

Setting Passwords

When creating your passwords put a lot of emphasis on setting strong passwords for your Tier 1 and Tier 2.  These need to be at least 8-10 combination of upper and lower case, numbers and symbols, no ties to your personal information, and no dictionary words.   You can use password generators, or you can think of certain themes and mix the letters with numbers and symbols.  It is also important to have a different password for each account and turn 2-step verification on where it is possible.

Storing Passwords

You can store your passwords in online password keepers.  If you do this, be sure to turn on 2-step verification.  It only needs someone to know that one password in order to access all of your passwords, however if you have 2-step turned on, they will also need your mobile phone to access this information.  Alternatively get a little address book and keep this in a safe place away from your devices.

Do not share our passwords with anyone and please do not tick or allow your browser to 'remember me'.  If you think this has happened, change your password immediately. 

Managing Passwords


It is wise to change your passwords on a regular basis. Diarise this to remind yourself.  If you use an address book, write in pencil so you can erase existing and insert the new password. 

Needing Help?

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